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About Greg Moschetti

I live and paint in Southern Vermont where there is no shortage of inspiring landscapes--changing seasons, skies and light.  While my paintings are studio creations I can't help but be inspired by what's around me on a daily basis. 


I came to painting relatively late in life and find significant joy in the creative process and outcomes.  My goal as a landscape painter is to create places which have a sense of deep connection about them and which often draw the viewer into a spiritual feeling of peaceful solitude.  These range from open landscapes with nearby water and distant views to beaconing islands of intrigue.  Many are at day's beginning or end or in the early moonlit evening.  The places I paint do not exist in real life, but rather are created from landscapes atmospherically remembered or imagined.

I'm most strongly influenced by Dennis Sheehan, America's foremost living tonalist and by the paintings of the 19th century landscape artists, especially Crane, Inness, Murphy, Twachtman and Wyant.  More recently I've moved away from the content depicted by these artists, but remain true to the vision of atmospheric paintings evocative of feelings of time, place, and solitude.

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